Add multiple chart in SharePoint from SharePoint list using Jquery

In previous article we learned how we can add a chart in SharePoint using Jquery and HTML. Now in this article we will try to add multiple chart one above another getting the data from the SharePoint list. Remember our SharePoint list Initially we displayed the number of employees in each Department (IT-10, IT-12,IT-13,IT-14, Total) which […]

Create a chart in SharePoint and Office 365 from SharePoint list using Jquery

Since SharePoint discontinued it’s chart part from SharePoint 2013, it’s been a difficult task to create charts in SharePoint. You can still write a server side program using the class Microsoft.Office.Server.WebControls.ChartWebPart and include it in your web part. However if you don’t have server side access then it’s a dead end, not always. In this article we […]