Welcome to ……….

If you have been redirected or you stumbled upon by any medium to this page then you are very welcome. This is a blog I started to write without any idea and purpose.

As some great person of the world said “First Do It Then Make it Right” I thought let’s just get started and will try to make it right as much as possible. You can read more about me here. I started this blog with some SharePoint Solutions (more familiar to people who work in IT) then started the thoughts of making it richer with other contents, which is work in progress.

All the opinions here are my personal thoughts or view which has been influenced by million things from the surroundings can’t name one. Feel free to read about it, bitch about it or commenting. I love feedback and comments but not sure I will follow or take it seriously at all.

At last, remember “Life is Life live don’t do bullshit with it”.