Display more groups in SharePoint groups page

By Default SharePoint groups pages has the paging limit set to 30. So if you have more than 500 groups it will be a nightmare to find the particular group that you are looking for. There is a very simple way of editing the number of groups that appear in the _layouts/15/groups.aspx page. First go to  […]

MS 70-347 Exam Tips Quick summary

Finally, 70-347 been off my list. It hasn’t been that smooth after numbers of attempts finally I am able to crack it. This article will describe the experience I went through and the preparation that I took. This article is not a study guide or exam resource material at all. The best resource I can think […]

Create a chart in SharePoint and Office 365 from SharePoint list using Jquery

Since SharePoint discontinued it’s chart part from SharePoint 2013, it’s been a difficult task to create charts in SharePoint. You can still write a server side program using the class Microsoft.Office.Server.WebControls.ChartWebPart and include it in your web part. However if you don’t have server side access then it’s a dead end, not always. In this article we […]