Update SharePoint List With CSV file using Jquery

How to update a SharePoint list from a CSV file using Jquery. You can use this application in SharePoint online and On Premise

Trading using Free Robinhood

Investing or owning a part of a business is always a great feeling and when you don’t have to do anything, and the money grows by itself is beyond amazing. Putting money in stocks or any other investing medium is nothing new to anyone in the world. Though it has come and transitioned through different […]

UEFA Champions Leauge Semifinal 2019 Preview

Hi all, after the sensational Quarterfinal for the UEFA champions leaguelet’s do some brainstorming for the Semifinal. Ajax vs Tottenham Ajax the flying dark horse, the giant slayers, the legend killers I mean youcan go on and on looking for synonyms for this young and confident team. What ajax been doing in UCL is something […]

UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals 2019 Preview

What a round of game was the top 16 in Champions League this year. It was like watching any crime thriller. Full of surprises, thrills, upsets, failures, excitements. Except few obvious games every other were a nail biter until the last whistle. UEFA should be happy this year with the thrills this early in UCL […]

Sarri ball not rolling in Chelsea

First, I have no idea why Maurizio Sarri was hired by Chelsea. What has Sarri achieved to head a club like Chelsea. With all due respect to Sarri, he doesn’t have a single trophy in his cabinet. Looking at the history of Chelsea since Abramovich took over Sarri is the only coach who has been hired […]

Hide and Show Columns in SharePoint List using Jquery

When you have lot of columns in a SharePoint it is really problematic to browse and it runs across the all browser. SharePoint doesn’t provide a way hiding and displaying the columns. The new functionality available in SharePoint online isn’t that user friendly. However looks like if you are familiar to the list table structure […]

Turnaround in Manchester United

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjær the savior Manu was looking for, can Manu now scare the opponents after winning three games in a row. Let the time do the telling. Manu has won three games in a row after the departure of the Special One. So, what has changed in Manu after Jose Mourinho? Well beating […]