UEFA Champions Leauge Semifinal 2019 Preview

Hi all, after the sensational Quarterfinal for the UEFA champions league
let’s do some brainstorming for the Semifinal.

Ajax vs Tottenham

Ajax the flying dark horse, the giant slayers, the legend killers I mean you
can go on and on looking for synonyms for this young and confident team. What ajax been doing in UCL is something that has not been seen for a long time. They were never lucky in a single match; they thoroughly deserved and completely outplayed their opponents in their home ground. Whether it is the 3 times champion Madrid or the Old lady with Mr. champions league. All went crashing out without any answers to the fight this young team put on. Ajax is not lucky, they are playing probably the best game now in Europe and they have been proving every pundit wrong for going with so-called favorites or big guys.

Whereas Tottenham also doing some unthinkable in UCL this year. Playing
without their talisman against probably the best team in Europe with the depth, they came against every odd and send pep packing once again from UCL. Though there were some controversies, but scoring 3 goals against City at Etihad makes them deserve every ounce of the semifinal spot. The way Son stepped up in the absence of Kane deserves all the applause possible. The way this team played with a team spirit and ousted the favorites of the tournament is commendable.

So, what is the verdict, though Tottenham been flying to the semis the first
time ever for the club, I don’t really see how they can go past Ajax.

The first league at white hart lane will be very decisive because Ajax been performing much better away than home. If we look at their last two rounds, they won the game away rather than home. So, the job for Spurs will stop Ajax at white hart lane. If they can get any result or hold them to a 0-0, they might have a chance going back to Ajax. Ajax isn’t as good as away at home as the results suggest. But Tottenham without Son, Kane, Sissoko, Vertonghen will not be able to reproduce the magic they had against City in two legs.

My money is on Ajax. 🙂

Barcelona VS Liverpool

The second tie is between the best defender in Europe against the best striker, dribbler or playmaker whatever you can call. Start of the season Lionel Messi promised his fans at Camp Nou that he and his supporting cast will do everything possible to bring back the UCL trophy back to Barcelona. So far, they have been grinding through each tie and made it to Semi-Final for the first time in 4 years. Though Messi is playing one of the best season of himself among so many best seasons, Barcelona hasn’t been that convincing in UCL. They haven’t lost any games, but they haven’t been that convincing. The backline with Pique does falter sometimes against the pace and that can be the key to Klopp’s army to find a ticket to Madrid.

This Liverpool team is so well balanced in the back and front. The wide players Robertson and Alexander Arnold are probably one of the best in Europe. They are fast and smart, and they can cause multiple problems with their pace and cross. Mane and Salah have been on fire lately with their goal scoring streak and if Firmino plays his usual game
it’s hard for Barcelona to go through. After all this they still have
Van Dijk, probably the best central defender now you can think of in Europe. He is been so solid not just as a central defender but as a leader and leading the charge against all other teams.

Barcelona has been so dependent on Messi if somehow Van Dijk and the team are able to hold Messi Barcelona can only hope the humiliation won’t go that bad. Coutinho, Suarez hasn’t been as consistent as to their names or price. Dembele just returned from Injury and the major worrying fact for Valverde is Liverpool’s pace. The pace of Mane, Salah, Robertson or Arnold will be a headache for anyone. Jordi Alba and Pique do struggle with the pace and that can be the factor in this game.

But if Messi is with Barcelona it’s always hard to go against this little
guy. This is the time for Coutinho to step up if he gets a place in 11 and so
for Suarez. Barcelona must kill this game at Camp Nou, they can’t take a tie to Anfield and hope to finish it there. Barcelona has been very poor on away games this season(been the story for every season). Their record is outstanding in La Liga, but they haven’t faced a team like Liverpool yet. They are undefeated at home for 31 games and they should do everything to keep that streak.  The other aspect of history is Liverpool haven’t lost against Barcelona at Camp Nou.

So there is history on each side but the game will be played in present and the 90 minutes in Camp Nou will be worth watching.

Verdict time, I can’t go against the best footballer I have ever seen. My
money is on Barcelona.

Well at the end this is football and until the last second, you can’t tell
who is going where. Let’s hope we will have entertaining games with a lot of thrills and excitement. 🙂

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