Manage SharePoint Site and List Permissions from single screen, On-premise or Online.

I have numbers of article with jquery application that helps users to manage the permisssion and users in a SharePoint site on-premise or online.

This article is the latest updated version for all those applications. Here from a single screen you will be able to manage permission for a site, it’s lists, add users, create new group , check permission for the users.

Manage Site Permission
Manage Site Permission

As seen in above image the screen consists of text box where you will be providing the URL of the site whose permission you are about to manage. Once you click on the enter button it appears with five buttons.

Check Site Permission

Clicking on the button it will display all the groups that has permission to the current site

Current site permission
Check current site’s permission

Now as seen in above image you have list of groups with the permission details they have on your site.

  • Just before the group name you have a radio button and plus sign, radio button.
  • When the radio button is selcted thne it displays two other buttons which will let you add more uses or remove the group permission from the site.
Add user/Remove Group Permission
Add user/Remove Group Permission

Now here you can either remove the group or add more users to the group.

When you click on the plus button then it displays the members of that particular group with an option to remove the members and an email link to the users. Just in case you want to email that user directly.

Group Member Details

Check User Permission

This button will help you check permission for any user on the whole site. It will open up the SharePoint default user check permission window and you can use the people picker to provide the input.

Check List Permission

This button will list the all sharepoint lists and libraries with an option to check, grant and view detailed permission of the list. Lists which has unique permission will have a red asterisk in their name.

SharePoint Lists On Current Site

As seen in the above image it consists of all the lists within the current site. Each list has three buttons

  • Plus- this will display all the groups that have permission in the list
List Permission with the group name and a remove link.

  • Check Permission- This will open up the sharepoint default check user permission in list window.
Check List Permission for a User
Check List Permission for a User
  • Grant Permission- Depending upon if the list has unique permission or it inherits permission from the site the window will be different. You can add a user depending upon the scenario
Grant Permission to  a List
Grant Permission To a List

Add New User

This button will open up the sharepoint default add user window, where you can add the users to a group or provide direct permission to the site.

Create New Group

This button will open the SharePoint default new group window, where you can create a group with group details.

  • Here is the HTML file that you can upload to a library and add to a content editor web part in a page.
  • Some images you need to add

Make sure you edit the site urls as your requirement. There is one place where i have hardcoded the site url, you can make it dynamic or prefer to leave it with hardcoded. The list links will be the one that gets affected because of this.

This has been tested in both online and On-premise so if you get everything write it should just work fine without any problem. I have put commenting as much as possible around the code, hit me up if you need any help in the comments.

Happy Solutions. 🙂


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