Sarri ball not rolling in Chelsea

First, I have no idea why Maurizio Sarri was hired by Chelsea. What has Sarri achieved to head a club like Chelsea. With all due respect to Sarri, he doesn’t have a single trophy in his cabinet. Looking at the history of Chelsea since Abramovich took over Sarri is the only coach who has been hired without any successfull track record. Taking a Napoli team to second position can it be counted as success i don’t know.

Sarri has a good run for a while until they faced Tottenham who were fast and way more energetic then slow and sloppy Chelsea. Since then Chelsea has not been that consistent overall. They did beat Manchester City giving them the first defeat of the season but they lost to Wolves, Leicester and now Arsenal. Things are really getting worst in Chelsea.

While Manchester United flying with new Manager, Tottenham doing enough so far and even Arsenal gathering some motivation, Chelsea looks like deepening in crisis.

I can’t understand the lust of Jorginho and playing Kante in a position which is not his regular position. Kante has proved himself in multiple clubs and even international level that there is no one better than him as a defensive midfielder. Not sure why Sarri doesn’t want to play him in his regular position. Hazard has been playing as False 9 which works sometimes but this is not the position he likes to play. Not sure why it is so hard for him to figure this out and he is out of forwards.

Morata has been the curious case of benjamin button, not sure what got into that kid he has been completely different. He doesn’t look like has any desire, fight, confidence or motivation. David Luiz one day is the savior another day self-destroyer. Kante has been tirelessly running up and down all the time and since he is staying more upfront there is less he can do than usual to help. Barkley, Pedro, LoftusCheek has been on and off with their injury and firm.

The stubbornness of Sarri now is harming the performance of the team and the top 4 looks slipping away. Though looks like Higuain will arrive as an emergency rescuer in January but does he have enough to put in those goals. Well we have to wait and watch for that.

Let’s hope something dramatic happens in the team and it gets back to its winning ways soon.

Stay Blue Stay Chelsea 🙂

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