Turnaround in Manchester United

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjær the savior Manu was looking for, can Manu now scare the opponents after winning three games in a row. Let the time do the telling. Manu has won three games in a row after the departure of the Special One. So, what has changed in Manu after Jose Mourinho?

Well beating Cardiff, Huddersfield and Bournemouth might not be a big
achievement for a team like Manchester United, but this is not the Manchester United from Fergie Era. It’s not as big as beating Chelsea or Arsenal but after the struggle against Crystal Palace, Southampton and the humiliation against Liverpool these three games might be a light at the tunnel for Manu Fans.

Not sure how Jose became such a toxic Manager all sudden but last couple of years, his personality has a different shadow. His relationship with Eva
Carneiro in Chelsea had a pretty bad impact on the team and which affected the team to have one of the worst seasons in modern history. Jose has been very vocal about his players but with negativity and repeatedly in front of reports singling out one player in every game is awful.

Jose is one of the greatest football managers without a doubt, let’s not take the credit for what he has achieved, no matter how critical you must become of his playing style. There are very few who have achieved, what he has achieved in his career.

But recently he has been moaning whining complaining and criticizing
the board, players and creating a toxic environment. This has been happening repeatedly and it was awful to watch even if you hate Manu. His tussle with Pogba went so long and was never looking to make any other turn. Manu looks so ordinary this year, though they make it to next round of UCL which a bit was surprising. No one ever gave them any chance to move forward with the things going around in the pitch and off the pitch. Well, you count or do not count they did beat Juventus and with that win moved to next round though got beaten by a weak Valencia.

Three seasons three trophies but none of them was enough to please and cover the cracks of this season, finally looked like Woodward had enough of his antics and Jose was fired.

But was it only Jose who is responsible for the performance of Manu in the
EPL this season? As they say, it is easy to sack 1 person rather than 11 players, so the Manager always is the first to depart. The players on the pitch are equally to blame for their awful performance. Lukaku, Mattic, Fellani, Luke Shaw, Phil Jones, Pogba, even De Gea and other all these players been awful in most of the games with Jose. It’s not the first season they were playing with him, but this year was the worst they have as their stats suggest. Before the arrival of Solskjaer, they were negative in the goal difference which is quite unimaginable for a team like MANU.

Since the beginning of the season, Jose has been moaning about the signing of player and players not being available on full strength because of the world cup. The board did give him money in the earlier season but none of his signings worked as his expectations. While Liverpool and Man City were strengthening their weaker parts, Jose was left with very little option. Which was a kick in his ball and he was grinding his teeth from the very beginning?

He started the season with a negative note and surrendered the title race before playing a single game. That was the beginning and little by little it started to pile up. His pair with Pogba made headlines every other day but only for the wrong reasons. Pogba who was a completely different leader and a hardworking player with France was an invisible player
with Manu for most of the games. You can blame him or his manager, but you expect more from a professional player like Pogba when he is wearing such an iconic shirt. That goes for all the players in the pitch, they forgot to run, defense, tackle and score with Jose on the sideline.

In the end, Jose is gone and Solskjær is on and it all looks all roses for
now. 12 goals in the last three games. Pogba scoring 4 goals and 3 assists in 3 games is a huge turnaround at least for Pogba. For rest of the story, we still must wait when Manu hosts Spurs at Jan 13 at Old Trafford. That game will tell what has changed in Manu with the arrival of Solskjær and departure of Jose.

But in my opinion no matter what happens with the result Jose deserved the sack because if a player is unhappy then you can bench him or loan him out but if a Manager is unhappy either you let him go or let the club go downward and make new history. Not sure why the board was waiting for 4 months in the
season. But It does make me very unhappy, hopes I won’t miss the old Manu with Jose for long.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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