Pele and one skilled Lionel Messi

Edson Arantes do Nascimento or Pele, one of the all-time great to play the game of football has been on the news again recently. It has for sure to do with the football and the players around, and it did not go well with a lot of football fans.

Pele ultimately may be the greatest footballer of all time in terms of his world cup achievement and medal tally without a doubt, if the measuring factor is world cup.

But coming from 1970 to 2018 a lot of things have been revolutionized and the game of football has reached beyond the globe. Now people do see numbers of different kinds and level of football games week in and week out.

For the globe to enjoy the game of football back in 1970 I guess it was very limited due to lack of media and mediums that can take them to the audience. So hypothetically if Pele was playing in this era and if he had won 3 world cups then I guess it’s not even a question to ask if he is all time great. 

But this is not, you can always make multiple kinds of assumptions but there is no actual metrics or methods to compare players or games of the different era.  1970 there were fewer teams playing, there was less information about players information available for opponents and the game was not as big as today in terms of commercial value. But that is for everyone not just for Pele but he still managed to be in the team who won the world cup 3 times in a row. 

So comparing the players with their achievement in between 40 years is complete nonsense. 

For me, Pele was the greatest ever world cup footballer ever even greater than Maradona. Winning 3 world cup and being the star of the team to do he gets all the credit. It doesn’t sound that fair to other team members who people say were one of the greatest Brazilian team of all time. But this is what happens in football, the one that rises highest at the right time gets the picture in the middle. 

Maradona was the best of his time undoubtedly but was he better than Pele, not if we judge by their achievement in the world cup. But in my opinion, Maradona was a treat to watch then Pele. His move, his tricks, and his dances among defenders with the ball in his leg was worth watching. 

But the question above all here is, is Messi a one skill player. Time and again Pele, Maradona keep on throwing something negative on Messi. Now here is another one. 

Not sure what is a skill in playing football scoring goals, dribbling through the number of defenders, spot your particular teammates in the crowd of 5 players and give him the ball, score a free kick in a manner that you forget to remember David Beckham. 

This little man has scored 40+ goals with  15+ assists every year for 10 years in a row. Do those goals are less important or counts half because he doesn’t use his all body parts to score. Does it matter if tiger woods swing with right arm or left arm, Michael Jordan dunks with the left hand or right hand or if Federer hit the winner with forehand or backhand. 

I am Lionel Messi admirer, since the day when he scored the header in UCL final against the one of the best ManU team coached by the all-time great coach of EPL(English Premier Leauge) at Wembley. Messi is not just a scorer only, he is the best dribbler, the best passer, the best free kick taker and the best football playmaker. 

I am not sure if there is any player that will make you watch him play again and again as long as he plays. Even if he didn’t score you will not miss him in the play. That’s what makes him different from any other player. But hey he did have bad games for sure without a doubt. He got disappeared sometimes but you can count them in fingers and honestly, that’s very rare. 

If that counts for only one skill then I think there has been and will remain only one player with skill in Football history. 

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