Display more groups in SharePoint groups page

By Default SharePoint groups pages has the paging limit set to 30. So if you have more than 500 groups it will be a nightmare to find the particular group that you are looking for.

There is a very simple way of editing the number of groups that appear in the _layouts/15/groups.aspx page.

  • First go to  “https://yoursite/_layouts/15/groups.aspx
  • View the page source of the site
  • Search “WebQuerySourceHref” in the page
  • Copy the Guid for List and View from the WebQuerySourceHref and note it somewhere we will use it later.
  • Now past the following URL in the address “http://youtsite/_layouts/viewedit.aspx?List={listguidhere}&View={viewguidhere}“.
  • Now it will open the view in an editable form as a normal list view.
  • find the item limit at the bottom and increase the limit to any number you prefer.
  • Save the view.
  • Browse to “https://yoursite/_layouts/15/groups.aspx” now  you will see the same numbers of group as stated in the item limit in one page.
  • This changes the paging number for displaying the groups in groups.aspx page.

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